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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Retrocomputing Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for vintage-computer hobbyists interested in restoring, preserving, and using the classic computer and gaming systems of yesteryear. It only takes a minute to sign up. However, VICE is expecting a raw cartridge image file at that point.

I found a. Like the same way one would have this done at a computer in order to enjoy the comfort functions like fastloader and directory listing? Finally, when running the Final Cartridge III via the crt file, the mouse emulation does not work, that is the pointer does not move although the catch mouse events option at VICE was enabled. The difference is only with a "raw" image, vice has to know the layout of it.

If you have a. You also need to enable a mouse emulation, just catching mouse events isn't enough. Sign up to join this community.

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 1 year, 5 months ago. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed times. Peter B. VICE can save settings in configuration files as well as accept them on the command line, so you could simply save the settings using the menu item to do that, enable automatically saving settings on exit, or, if you use multiple configurations, save the settings to a configuraiton file specific to that particular configuration.

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The Overflow Blog. Podcast a conversation on diversity and representation. Podcast is Scrum making you a worse engineer? Featured on Meta.We always need more help to keep all things going, so here is the usual call for volunteers Anyone interested in helping development of VICE is welcome. Please contact us to avoid doing something that someone else has done already. Keep in mind that we work on VICE in our spare-time, so the more time we don't need to answer the same questions over and over again, the more time we have to improve the emulation itself.

On the other hand, that does not mean that you should not contact us, especially if you find bugs or have suggestions which might improve the emulation. The list of already known BUGS is also available. Please put the word VICE in all capitals in your subject line e.

This helps mail splitting and reduces chances that your message is unintentionally deleted, forgotten or lost. You can download the latest VICE distribution here.

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Occasionally we might upload unofficial test builds here. Martin, Christopher Phillips, David Hogan.

how to use vice emulator

Of course our warm thanks go to everyone who has helped us in developing VICE during these past few years. For a more detailed list look in the documentation. We are proud that VICE has been selected as the "best software innovation of the last few years" of the Dutch Commodore user group. Fabrizio Gennari was able to attend the ceremony and took the medal in the name of the whole VICE team.

We are very proud of it, as it tells us how much you, the users, value our work. Thank you very much!When the emulator is run, the screen of the emulated machine is displayed in a window which we will call the emulation window. This window will be updated in real time, displaying the same contents that a real monitor or TV set would. Below the emulation window there is an area which is used to display information about the state of the emulator; we will call this area the status bar.

On the extreme left of the status bar, there is a performance meter. This displays the current relative speed of the emulator as a percentage and the update frequency in frames per second. All the machines emulated are PAL, so the update frequency will be 50 frames per second if your system is fast enough to allow emulation at the speed of the real machine.

On the extreme right of the status bar, there is a drive status indicator. This is only visible if the hardware-level "True" emulation is turned on. It is possible to execute some commands and change emulation parameters while the emulator is running: most emulation settings can be changed in the options menu. Additionally clicking on the various widgets in the status bar gives access to related settings.

Settings can be saved and later used with the "Save settings" and "Load settings" menu items, respectively. Also by default, settings will get saved when exiting the emulator. A lot of settings and actions can be reached via shortcuts or hotkeysi. Where shortcuts exist, they are displayed in parentheses at the right edge of the menu item.

So, for example, to attach a disk image to drive 8 the corresponding menu item displays "M-8"you have to press the Meta or Alt and then 8. Note that no other key presses are passed on to the emulated machine while either Meta or Alt are held down. At any time, if you get stuck or do not remember how to perform a certain action, you can use the "Browse manuals" command from the help menu. In those situations where it is necessary to specify a file name, all of the VICE emulators will pop up a file selector window allowing you to select or specify a file interactively.

To the left of the file selector, there is a list of ancestor directories: by clicking on them, you can ascend the directory tree. To the right, there is a list of the files in the current directory; files can be selected by clicking on them. If you click on a directory, that directory becomes the current one; if you click on an ordinary file, it becomes the active selection. At the top, there is a directory boxwith the complete path of the current directory, and a file name boxwith the name of the currently selected file.

At the bottom there are two buttons: "OK" confirms the selected file and "Cancel" abandons the file selector without cancelling the operation. It is also possible to specify what files you want to show in the file selector by writing an appropriate shell-like pattern in the directory box; e. The emulator is able to emulate disk drives and tape recorders if provided with suitable disk images or tape images.

An image is a raw dump of the contents of the media, and must be attached before the emulator can use it. The first four commands are used to insert and remove the virtual disks and cassettes from the respective units. On the other hand, the last commands tries to guess the type of the image you are attaching from its name and size, and attaches it to the most reasonable device.

Notice that T64 support is read-onlyand that the cassette is automatically rewound when you reach its end. For actually emulating tape, the TAP format is highly recommended. P00 files can be attached as tapes. As you can autostart a tape image when it is attached see section 5. You can attach a disk for which you do not have write permissions: when this happens, the emulator will emulate a write-protected disk.

This is also useful if you want to prevent certain disk images from being written to; in the latter case, just remove the write permission for that file, e. If you want to reset the machine and run the first program on a certain image without typing any commands at the Commodore BASIC prompt, you can use the "Autostart" button in the file selector window after selecting a proper disk or tape image file.

If true drive emulation is turned on, and the Handle TDE at Autostart setting is enabled, true drive emulation will be turned off before running the program and then turned on again after it has been loaded. This way, you get the maximum possible speed while loading the file, but you do not lose compatibility once the program itself is running.Previous Next.

How to run VICE programs This article will be very important if you are new to the Commodore 64 and have never owned a physical personal computer during the time that Commodore was king of the world.

I felt it was necessary to write this post so that you can learn how to use the emulator to access Commodore 64 programs with this tool. This discussion will cover the Windows version. There are many features to learn about this software that you will learn in this session.

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How do I use it? VICE requires access to d64 images disk images. These images are a close mirror to the original file types common on the Commodore systems.

How to use the Commodore 64, part 1: Basic instructions

What this means is they are portable. I also covered the disk copy service in a different video. I will try to include a link to them in this article. Another thing you may not yet be aware of is that when you are using the VICE emulator it will simulate a real Commodore computer. So for example, if you enter Basic and start typing on your computer you will eventually notice that some characters are not in the same area. The best way to get used to anything though is repetition and lots of practice.

This may vary based on your location and the version you downloaded. To help you out, I just study the picture I found online and eventually this should become second nature to you. The VICE emulator can be download at the sourceforge website. So you can be assured that it will work on your machine. I am currently using Windows 10, but it has also been tested on Windows 7 and works just as fine.

The company also periodically releases new versions, so be sure to check their website often.

Vice Emulator: Play C64 Games on Windows 10

After this a sub menu appears. You can use Drive 8 up to Drive Then the Attach disk image window appears. You will need to locate a D64 image or you can download one online. I would have included some here, but WordPress restricts upload of these files. Observe the screenshot and you should get a better idea of what the file looks like. This one is pointing on my LoadStar files.

The Files are listed in the main window. Below that you will see the file name that is selected. The field shows Files of type, to confirm the files that can be utilized with this version.

how to use vice emulator

Below that is an area where you can create a new disk image. I recommend watching the video at the top of this page to learn more. Running a Program There are several ways you can run a program.

First you can click on any of the. D64 images to run that file. This will close the Attach disk image window and begin running that program.

how to use vice emulator

You can also enter Basic directly and run a program as if you were sitting in front of a real Commodore computer. First be sure that you have clicked on a disk image and pressed the Attach button.

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If the program attempts to run though, you can reset it to Basic.C64 is the first computer produced for home use. It was introduced in the consumer market in the year of Back then, there were many games and programs produced for C These games were the prime leisure of the generation for that time.

You can still experience the vintage games on your computer if you use the C64 emulator Windows This emulator is produced by Vice and it is also called Vice emulator.

You will experience the same things as the generation in has experienced. So, you must keep reading for more. This emulator shows the old computer screen on your computer.

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This way, you can see how the old computers were used. This emulator is the only product that is present for displaying Commodore computers on modern operating systems. Vice works with all operating systems. The binary files of Vice can be downloaded from the official website of Vice. The port for Windows is called WinVicewhich runs on all Windows 10 systems. If you are excited about the vintage computing experience, then be happy because you can download the emulator for free.

The steps to download are given below. C64 has become a cult phenomenon. People are collecting old tapes and disks as a collection. And then, they run it on their systems with the help of emulators, which are readily available on the internet. The other known emulators for C64 are the following. These emulators are available on the internet. You can download them free of cost. After that, you can run all programs, applications, games, and software designed for C The disks and image tapes will not come free for you.

You will have to buy the copies of images from a collector.

VICE C64 Emulator

If you are an enthusiast, then you can find plenty of old games by doing proper research. It will take your time. Ans: It is a site that is online only to preserve the C64 culture.I tried downloading the Source TAR file but my computer couldn't open it. I suppose I'm not very computer-literate so I'm hoping for a step-by-step. Unless you have 64bit Windows, then click the link for one of the 64bit builds.

Unzip it into a directory, then in that directory double click x You need one of the pre-compiled binary files for Windows. Vice doesn't come with an installer, so a few extra steps are necessary to set it up. Personally, I prefer programs without installers because even though they take a little bit more work to "install", it means they won't be messing with your system, dumping crap in the registry, etc.

Primary Menu

I'll try to give you step-by-step instructions, however I don't have Windows 7, and my experience has been that Win7 doesn't always let you do what you want, so you might run into problems. If you have a 32bit version of Windows, or if you're not sure what version you have, click this link; WinVICE 32bit If you know for sure that you have a 64bit version of Windows, then use this one instead; WinVICE 64bit Note that trying the 64bit version on a nonbit version of Windows won't hurt anything, it just won't work.

Double-click on the My Computer icon to open Explorer. Double-click on Local Disk C:. It should show you a list of everything on there. The name isn't really important. OPTIONAL: If you want to be neat, you can double-click Program Files and create the new directory in there, which is where programs are supposed to be installed to, however Win7 might prevent you from doing that. Select them all and either drag them to the new directory that you created in step 2, or right-click and select Copythen go back to the directory you created in step 2, right-click and select Paste.

This should 'extract' and copy the files from the Zip file you downloaded to the new directory that you created. On the first page where it wants the location of the item, click the Browse button, go to Local Disk C:then double-click on the new directory you created, then click on x This will fill in the Location box.

Click the Next button and it should ask you for the name of the shortcut. Then click Finish. Double-click it and see if it runs. If it does, you're all set. If not, please re-check your steps.Can you tell me which one I should use and how I have to setup everything to play a game? Thanx cooler. A bit pedantic, but that's the way a number of C64 fans, inculding myself, see it. It's not as silly as it sounds, emulators deal with different file formats that resemble the original media that the Commodore 64 used, IE: cartridges.

There are also other file formats, but these are the most common. Both are very good emulators. CCS64 is less resource hungry, better if you have a lower spec PC. Unzip your games to a folder called C64 Games 3. Open the VICE folder, and run the x Depending on what type of image that you want to play, you do one of the following things This opens a file dialog.

Find your C64 Games folder, and select the. This brings up the.

How to use x360ce emulator with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PC

Double click on the most likely file to start the game you want to play, usually the first file on the. Double click on the cartridge. Double click on the program. Fiddle about with the video settings for full screen mode, and press ALT-D for full screen. Hope this helps.

how to use vice emulator

I tried it and now I got the idea But when I start a game, sometimes it askes to insert side 1 and more. So I get confused And still I can not start it up proparly. But I finally saw the begin screen of a game thnx cooler. I figured it out I just played a game and it works Is it normal you have to wait that long untill the game is loaded? How long? That long!

Anyway, sorry, yes the C64 had long load times, especially for tapes. Disk could take quite a while too, if you didn't use fastloads.

You can utilise the meglomanical power of emulators, by speeding up time - well almost.

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Just uncheck it, or press ALT-W again to go back to normal speed.

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